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Hey there! Thanks for visiting Coffee Top Calligraphy! I am so excited you’re here. Let me tell you more about my myself and my work!  


I am a Michigander currently living and working as a Packaging Engineer in downtown Minneapolis. I grew up in a super artistic family - my mom is a designer, my dad is an engineer, and my sister is an artist/art teacher. So naturally I got the design itch too. The difference is that I have the itch to MAKE things -  from packaging, to random desserts I find on Pinterest, or greeting cards. Nothing gives me a better feeling than completing a project and having a physical product in my hands at the end of it. I love the rush of giving someone something I’ve created and then get the recurring response of “you MADE this?!”.  When I’m not creating things, you can find me weightlifting, exploring Northeast Minneapolis, or reading a book in a tub full of bath bombs with my diffuser filling the room with lavender.  

I love to experiment with scale and mediums - from small pointed pen calligraphy greeting cards, to watercolor calligraphy wall art, to white paint pens on full length mirrors! If you have an idea for something non-standard, I am ALL ears and ready to try new things to make it happen!

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